Pitch Me Perfect (2/2)

Room 4

This intensive one-hour workshop will make you better at pitching – a vital skill for any copywriter.

Whether you’re proposing a creative strategy to a client, selling your own services or outlining your ideas in a meeting, pitching is a crucial skill for in-house and freelance copywriters alike.

Good pitching skills make the difference between walking in with a smile and coming out with the outcome you want, or going in petrified and leaving dissatisfied.

This intensive, interactive and highly motivational one-hour workshop will look at most of the key aspects of pitching – from identifying the hook of your project and how to make it exciting to others, to how to adjust to different audience and unexpected circumstances.

You’ll learn:

What’s more powerful than props and PowerPoint

How to show authenticity, create a connection, and conquer your nerves

The two key questions the client will answer by themselves, no matter what you do – and what can you do about it.