Mobile UX for Copywriters (2/2)

Room 1

Want to write better copy for mobile? This session explores the issues and teaches you best practices for creating compelling mobile copy.

More than three-quarters of adults in the UK now own a smartphone (Deloitte, 2015), making smartphones the UK’s most popular way to get online (Ofcom, 2015).

In this intensive, highly practical session, Tim Fidgeon (Econsultancy) will take you through the key trends, best practices and issues of mobile user experience.

You will learn:

Latest trends: how people read on mobile, what content is most popular

Best practices for copy and content: progressive disclosure, concision, vocabulary, sentences and paragraphs, links, images (number, type and quality) and screen orientation

Industry issues: responsive vs. adaptive vs. mobile-first design; native vs. hybrid vs. web apps