Creative Writing for a Distracted World (2/2)

Room 3

Discover how to unleash your creativity so you can catch your customers’ attention.

Your clients demand useful, original content – as does Google. And with a torrent of lolcat vids, Kardashians and Netflix mini-series out there to draw your reader’s attention, the pressure is on to break through the noise.

The answer, of course, is to be more creative. But you’re busy too – and it’s hard to get creative when you don’t have time to decide what’s for dinner, let alone polish your work until it shines.

In this lively session, top copywriter Katherine Wildman (Haydn Grey) will show you how to unleash your own creativity, using a mixture of journalistic thinking, copywriting wisdom and creative exploration.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Capture new and engaging content ideas from your daily life
  • Make your words whisper in your prospects’ ears
  • Keep your creative well topped up

Beat your fear of the blank page and unleash your creative flow on the forces of distraction.